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Table of Content

  Quick Start
  Game Play
    Completing a Quest and Level
    Checking Progress
    Verifying Submissions
    Reporting Submissions
  Learning More
  Game Tips
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Quest Badges

  Quest Badge: IndentificationIdentification
  Quest Badge: DeductionDeduction
  Quest Badge: SkillfulnessSkillfulness
  Quest Badge: SystematicSystematic
  Quest Badge: Case ClosedCase Closed

Reporting Out


Level 1: Quest 4 and Level 4: Quest 2 allow you to report out to a designated person your badges earned at that time and the input you submitted for each quest associated with those badges earned!

You will not have access to the Level 1 reporting out function until you complete at least Level 1. You can use that reporting out function in Level 1 to report out your badges earned in Level 2 and/or Level 3.

You will not have access to the Level 4 reporting out function until you complete all Levels.

You can report out as many times and/or persons as needed or are required by your school official.


Your job is to be a roving detective, sniffing out the answers to the novice online learner questions.TxVSN CLUE IN Orientation to Online Learning Badge

CLUE IN guides you through character traits of an online learner along with tools and skills to help navigate online learning environments specific to online. In order to succeed in these online courses, you should know what's expected and what qualities will carry you the farthest.

CLUE IN helps you deduce what online learning is all about.

You will work through a series of quests that add up towards badges. As you complete the work, your submissions are recorded. At the end, you'll earn the CLUE IN badge denoting completion of all activities and levels of the TxVSN CLUE IN Orientation to Online Learning. These badges can also be recorded in your Mozilla OpenBadges backpack.

Level 1 is a basic introduction to online learning. Leveling up and Reward Badges are options made available to you and your local school to provide a more indepth view of what it takes to be successfuol in an online course. If participating in CLUE In for course registration is mandatory, check with your school guidance counselor for specific criteria and Levels and/or Reward badges required.


Quick Start

To get started, create an account located in the top right column at Once you have an account, log in and click on Quest Badges in the right side menu block. Start at the beginning, which is Level 1 with the Identification badge and enjoy the adventure! Read the Walkthroughs for more detailed information on the game. Contact TxVSN if you have a technology problem within the game.



Quest Badges

Level 1 Badge: Character

Level 1:

In this collection of lessons you will unravel the unique characteristics of online courses along with an overview of the types of online courses you may be taking. You will file a preliminary report of your basic understanding of the case for online learning and will designate the individuals to be notified of that report.

Level 2 Badge: Tools

Level 2:

In these lessons, you will crack the important skills needed to be successful in an online course. We’ll cover basic computer skills, communication protocols, and the heart and soul of many online courses – the discussion forum.

Level 3 Badge: Scene

Level 3:

During these lessons, you’ll theorize how you can get familiar with your new online course and start constructing an organizational system that will keep you successful.

Level 4 Badge: Clue In

Level 4:

You have gathered all your evidence and are ready to file your final report. You will designate individuals, such as your guidance counselor and parent/guardian to be notified of your successful completion of all activities and levels of the TxVSN CLUE IN Orientation to Online Learning.

Reward Badges

  In addition to the quest badges that will help you deduce the core principles, you can earn optional Reward Badges on your own or at the direction of your school’s program requirements. These offer additional evidence related to online learning and some of them are suitable for your parent/guardian! As you work your way through the activities you will attain progressively greater understanding of the online learning game.

Reward Badges

Chatter Reward BadgeChatter
Citations Reward BadgeCitations
Collaborate Reward BadgeCollaborate
Distionary Reward BadgeDictionary
Formats Reward BadgeFormats
Memory Reward BadgeMemory
Protocols Reward BadgeProtocols
Quality Reward BadgeQuality
StudySkills Reward BadgeStudySkills
Support Reward BadgeSupport
Testimonial Reward Badge Testimonial
Thesauri Reward BadgeThesauri
What ifs Reward BadgeWhat if?
Workload Reward BadgeWorkload