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Table of Content

  Quick Start
  Game Play
    Completing a Quest and Level
    Checking Progress
    Verifying Submissions
    Reporting Submissions
  Learning More
  Game Tips
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Quest Badges

  Quest Badge: IdentificationIdentification
  Quest Badge: DeductionDeduction
  Quest Badge: SkillfulnessSkillfulness
  Quest Badge: SystematicSystematic
  Quest Badge: RegimentedRegimented
  Quest Badge: Case ClosedCase Closed

Reporting Out


Level 1: Quest 4 and Level 4: Quest 2 allow you to report out to a designated person your badges earned at that time and the input you submitted for each quest associated with those badges earned!

You will not have access to the Level 1 reporting out function until you complete at least Level 1. You can use that reporting out function in Level 1 to report out your badges earned in Level 2 and/or Level 3.

You will not have access to the Level 4 reporting out function until you complete all Levels.

You can report out as many times and/or persons as needed or are required by your school official.

Game Play

Starting the CLUE In game

1. You will need to create an account at http://cluein.txvsn.orgCreate new account link and then use for Login block with Username and Password fields then click the login button

2. Once you have received your email confirmation message for your account, revisit the CLUE In site and login.

Tip: Sometimes emails can get caught in spam filters so if you do not receive the confirmation email message within a day try logging into the CLUE In site to see if the account was processed.





There are several ways to access the different areas of CLUE In.


  • Click on the Quest Badges link from the top right column. table of content list: Home, Quest Badges, Reward Badges, Walkthroughs
  • Click on one of the Levels to access those quests. You will not be able to enter Level 2 until Level 1 is completed, Level 3 until Level 2 is completed and Level 4 until Level 3 is completed.
  • Within any given level you can also follow the links provided at the toplevel navigation: Level 1 Who is Online Learning Right For?. Level 2 What Skills are required for online learning?, Level 3 Where do i get started in a course?
  • the Jump to ... option at the bottom of the page.
  • or the breadcrumb trail at the top center of each page. i.e. breadcrumbs navitation: Home > ClueIn > Level 1: Who is online learning right for?
    • Home is the home page of CLUE In
    • My courses would be if there were other courses in this program
    • Orientation is the name of the category for the program and
    • Badges is the actual CLUE In content

Quest or Reward Badges

  • Within a quest you can move to the previous or next activity. navigtion buttons in quests: Previous Quest or Next Quest/Level
  • or directly from the listed quests on the Level page.

screenshot of quests listed under a level section


Completing a Quest and Level

From the Quest Badge link located in the top right corner of the logged in site view, click on the appropriate level you are targeting to earn. Each Level completed is awarded a badge with Level 4 concluding the CLUE In game.

NOTE: All quests and levels in CLUE In will be applied in the same manner! We will use Level 1: Who Is Online Learning Right For? as our example in completing a quest and level.

This level is a basic introduction to online learning with one Quest badge, Identification. Level 1 is the minimum that can be done in CLUE In to earn any type of credit and the Level 1 badge. It takes approximately 17 minutes to complete the 4 quests associated with the badge. Tip: You can complete "Quest 1: Intro", "Quest 2: Pro/Con" and "Quest 3: Style" in any order you wish but "Quest 4: Preliminary Report" is only accessible after completing the other 3 previous Level 1 quests.

1. Click on Quest 1: Intro to start the level.

screenshot of level 1 badge section with list of quests

2. After you view both videos, write one or 2 sentences about why you think you're a great candidate for an online course. What qualities and skills do you have which will make you successful?

3. Submit your quest:

  • Click the Add submission button at the bottom of the page and put your statement in the box at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the Save changes button when complete.
  • Click the Submit Quest button and see what happens!
  • Click the Continue button to finalize the submission or the "Cancel' link to edit the submission.
  • Once submitted click on the "Next Quest" link.

Tip: Once you click the Continue button for a given quest, you will NOT be able to go back and resubmit or edit your quest without a written request submitted to

4. Continue the process with the other two quests for Level 1 as previously outlined for quest 1.

5. Quest 4: Preliminary Report

One additional component in the submit quest step of this quest and the Level 4: Quest 2: Reporting is the acceptance of work statement. Click the checkbox to accept the statement.

"This assignment is of my own work, except where I have acknowledged the use of the works of other people."

The click the "Continue" button to comoplet the process..


Checking Progress

There are multiple ways to quickly check your progress.

1. For each quest completed a check will appear in the box next to the quest name.

2. On the Quest Badges main page directly below the badge for each level is a recap of the number of Quests in that level and the number that you have completed.

3. All quest and level badges you have currently earned will be shown in the right column under the My Latest Badges header or you can click on your name at the top right corner of any page to see your complete profile including the list of badges earned.

The second option, which is your profile page is the page that is sent out in your Reporting message to designated person/s as described in the Reporting Submissions area below. Your login information is also provided that if the approved viewers desire to read the input for your individual quests they can follow the Checking Submission instructions below.

block that shows badges earned profile list of information and badges earned


Verifying Submissions

Once a quest is submitted you can read what is on file by either

  • Visiting the specific quest again and scrolling to the bottom of the page. All data pertaining to that quest are listed there or
  • Visiting the Activity reports area listed under the My Profile Settings

activity reports: todays logs, all logs, outline report, complete report options

diagram of what the status of a submission

Submission Status: Provides text to what was imputted for the each quest activity and a link to any uploaded documents.


Reporting Submissions

Your final quest of Level 1 and Level 4 are to let your designated school personnel, such as your guidance counselor know that you have completed certain levels of this orientation by sending verification. These reporting opportunties are available in Level 1: Quest 4 and Level 4: Quest 2.

You can use the "Notify Your School Personnel" form as often and to whomever, as required by your local school or your own individual needs. Level 1: Quest 4: Preliminary Report can be used to also report your successful completion of Level 2 and 3, when required.

The form used in reporting to your designated person/s on your progress has several fields that should be noted.

User Id Number: While logged in, click on your name in the top right corner of any page to see your userid number in the URL. i.e.

illustrate url in browser for profile access

Login User Name and Password: This is your login information. This will be provided to the designated school personnel to whom you send this notification.

School Personnel Information: The School Personnel designated above is your selection of whom to send a report to and is an acknowledgement of your approval for the individual to review your profile and quest activities. You will need a name and email address to know to whom to send to.

Once you click the Submit button a letter will be sent to the School Personnel that you designated. If you want a copy sent to you, you will need to access the form again and place your name in the School Personnel E-mail field.

Your profile page is the page that is sent out in your Reporting message to designated person/s along with direct links to individual quest data. Your login information is also provided that if the approved viewers desire to read the input for your individual quests they can follow the Checking Submission instructions above.

Dear Designated School Personnel,

The following student has completed Level 1 of the "TxVSN CLUE IN Orientation to Online Learning" and has indicated you as their designated school personnel to report to.

     Student Name: Connie Swiderski
     Student Email:
     Grade: 8

A summary statement by the student of "What they learned from completing Level 1:
      I learned so much about what it means to take an online course. There are requirements similar to a face-to-face course but you really need to watch due dates and not procrastinate.

The student's entire work submitted during the orientation can be reviewed at:
You will need to login using the following student provided information.
     User Name: student_login_name
     User Password: student_login_password
Their badges earned can be viewed at
The above named student selected you to send a report to, thus their approval for the recipient to review their journal and quest activities is acknowledged by them.
Do not hesitate to contact the local school district or  the TxVSN if you have any questions about the orientation program. You can reach TxVSN at .

Thank you!
Texas Education Agency is the Administering Authority. Education Service Center (ESC) Region 10, in collaboration with the Harris County Department of Education, is the TxVSN Central Operations.
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain information that could be confidential and/or legally privileged. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender by reply email and delete the message. Any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of this communication by someone other than the intended recipient is prohibited.
reporting form input fields: your name, your email, your user id number, login name', login password, your grade, school personnel name, school personnel email, summary statement from quest and the submit button

NOTE: For the School Personal receiving the letter, you will be able to view a short summary statement from the student on what they learned from the Level being reported on, access to their account including a badge summary earned and detail for each quest. Detail for any Reward Badges earned will have been accessed by clicking on the individual badges while logged in as the student.


Reward Badges

Chatter Reward BadgeChatter
Citations Reward BadgeCitations
Collaborate Reward BadgeCollaborate
Distionary Reward BadgeDictionary
Formats Reward BadgeFormats
Memory Reward BadgeMemory
Protocols Reward BadgeProtocols
Quality Reward BadgeQuality
StudySkills Reward BadgeStudySkills
Support Reward BadgeSupport
Testimonial Reward Badge Testimonial
Thesauri Reward BadgeThesauri
Waht ifs Reward BadgeWhat if?
Workload Reward BadgeWorkload