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Table of Content

  Quick Start
  Game Play
    Completing a Quest and Level
    Checking Progress
    Verifying Submissions
    Reporting Submissions
  Learning More
  Game Tips
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Quest Badges

  Quest Badge: IdentificationIdentification
  Quest Badge: DeductionDeduction
  Quest Badge: SkillfulnessSkillfulness
  Quest Badge: SystematicSystematic
  Quest Badge: RegimentedRegimented
  Quest Badge: Case ClosedCase Closed

Reporting Out


Level 1: Quest 4 and Level 4: Quest 2 allow you to report out to a designated person your badges earned at that time and the input you submitted for each quest associated with those badges earned!

You will not have access to the Level 1 reporting out function until you complete at least Level 1. You can use that reporting out function in Level 1 to report out your badges earned in Level 2 and/or Level 3.

You will not have access to the Level 4 reporting out function until you complete all Levels.

You can report out as many times and/or persons as needed or are required by your school official.

Game Tips

My profile settings

In the middle of the right column is a block titled Administration. Click on "My profile settings" to modify your profile, change your password, activate your badges backpack settings or view your activty profile

MyProfile settings

  • Edit profile
  • Change password
  • Messaging
  • Badges
  • Activity reports




badge settings: preferences, backpack settingsClick on the Badges link in the My profile settings to see a list of options.

Backpack settings allow you to select if you would like the badges you earn to be added to your Mozilla backpack account*. If you do not have a Mozilla backpack account one can be created when you click the Connect button.

Enter your email address that you want to use for your Mozilla backpack. If you have a school email address, it is suggested that you use an email address that you have control over such as gmail so the account can follow you after you leave that school district.

If the email address a user has for Moodle is the same as their Open Badges email address, then they will be automatically connected here and may choose to disconnect if they wish. If the email address a user has for Moodle is not the same, then they can add the email address which will connect them to their backpack. They can then choose to "push" to their backpack badges which they have earned on Moodle.

NOTE: Mozilla Open Badges is not proprietary. It’s free software. Collect badges from multiple sources, online and off, into a single backpack. Then display your skills and achievements on social networking profiles, job sites, websites and more. Open Badges are information-rich. Each badge has important data built in that links back to the issuer, criteria and verifying evidence.

mozilla backpack screen

Once you are connected you can disconnect at any time by clicking the Disconnect button.

Activity Reports

Click on the Activity reports link in the My profile settings to see a list of options.

Click on the Complete report link to see a listing of the data input you have done for all quests. This is the page that your designated person/s for notifications in Level 1 and Level 4 will see.

complete report: imputted text for each quest activity is listed




  • You can complete "Quest 1: Intro", "Quest 2: Pro/Con" and "Quest 3: Style" in any order you wish but "Quest 4: Preliminary Report" is only accessible after completing the other 3 previous Level 1 quests.
  • Once you click the Continue button for a given quest, you will NOT be able to go back and resubmit or edit your quest.
  • If you see that you need to resubmit a quest please email Provide your name the level and quest that you need release to resubmit.
  • Level 1 or 4 Quest to send out verification of completion was not received by school designated personnel:
    • Request a new email address and resend,
    • Send to self and then forward to school personnel, or
    • Print out your quest responses and give person,
  • If sending to a school email account and not receiving from CLUE In provide the following information to the school for tech support.


  • If you do not receive the account notification email try logging in after 24 hours
  • Must be a unique email address for each and every account
  • Forgot password
    • password request on front page

Reporting Technical Issues within CLUE In

  • Media does not show
    • Accessed from school
      • Report school district name and error message to with a short message that media is not showing. The media is located on YouTube and your school could have a filter in place that blocks that access. Try accessing from somewhere outside of school to see if it is a filter blocking the media.
    • Accessed from other than the school
      • Report error message to with a short message that media is not showing.
    • Broken Links
      • Report to Please provide the name of the quest, page, etc and the name of the link that is broken.


Reward Badges

Chatter Reward BadgeChatter
Citation Reward BadgeCitations
Collaborate Reward BadgeCollaborate
Dictionary Reward BadgeDictionary
Formats Reward BadgeFormats
Memory Reward BadgeMemory
Protocols Reward BadgeProtocols
Quality Reward BadgeQuality
StudySkills Reward BadgeStudySkills
Support Reward BadgeSupport
Testimonial Reward Badge Testimonial
Thesauri Reward BadgeThesauri
What ifs Reward BadgeWhat if?
Workload Reward BadgeWorkload